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Semantic MediaWiki

By combining the advantages of a collaborative site and those of the semantic web, Semantic MediaWiki allows you to better organize the information within your wiki.

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Semantic MediaWiki is a free extension and open source wiki software MediaWiki which allows you to store information in an orderly way and then display it in different formats. Each contributor can annotate any important information which can then be simply searched and displayed. In other words, it turns your wiki into a collaborative knowledge base operating as a relational database that each authorized person can consult and enrich. 👥

For the companies and administrations, by promoting communication, by structuring and capitalizing on knowledge, by limiting the exchange of emails and the formation of duplicates, a wiki becomes an essential asset for improving productivity.

Our services related to Semantic MediaWiki

Find information in a few clicks 👀

Give meaning to each information and find what you are looking for easily and quickly thanks to the multi-criteria searches provided by Semantic DrillDown (included). Your wiki will thus have a solid and flexible data structure.

Do multi-criteria searches with Semantic MediaWiki

Quickly enter your data 🗂️

Create powerful and intuitive forms for manual data entry and modify their structure at any time with the Page Forms extension.

Créez des formulaires avec SemanticMediaWiki
Avec Semantic MediaWiki Créez des formulaires et modifiez leur structure à tout moment avec l'extension Semantic Forms (incluse)

Suggestion automatique des valeurs existantes avec SemanticMediaWiki

Avoid duplicates

The text fields of the forms automatically suggest you values ​​already filled in to avoid duplicates with the Page Forms extension.

Display data in different formats

  • Calendars;
  • Timelines;
  • Graphics (D3, Dygraphs, Jqplotseries, Sparkline...)
  • Tables, lists.. 📑

What are the advantages of a wiki running with Semantic MediaWiki compared to a classic wiki?

Wikis running only under MediaWiki (classic wikis like Wikipedia) tend to make excessive use of categories to structure their data. With Semantic MediaWiki, categories are replaced by simple semantic properties and values. Additionally, the Page Forms extension provides the ability for admins to create forms for adding and editing data, making contributing easier and simpler than with a regular wiki. .

Advanced use of Semantic MediaWiki

  • External reuse

Data, once created within your wiki, can easily be exported via formats like CSV, BibText, DSV, Excel, Feed, KML or RDF (the semantic web format). This allows your semantic wiki to serve as a data source for other applications or, in the case of enterprise use, to act as a relational database.

  • Connection to external data sources

Connect your wiki to external data sources display them dynamically within your wiki pages. Thus, a semantic wiki can serve as a central information hub in an IT landscape. Existing data from a company or website can easily be imported.

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