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Monthly prices of wikis after your trial period

Type of Wiki Per month

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Declining prices based on the number of accounts
👤1-10 👥11-100 👥👥101 and more
🔒Private Wiki Per 🖊️Editor or 👔admin 5€ 4€ 3€
🌐Public Wiki From 19 € per month (no matter the amount of user accounts)

🔒Private Wikis

5 € per editor or admin for the first 10 contributors

Then 4 € per contributor* from the 11th to the 100th

Then 3 € for each additional contributor

A user can be counted out of the bill at any time (effective from the month after)if he is removed of all user groups.

3 Gb included per wiki + 1 Gb per contributor.

Readers can use the wiki for free.