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Create a public or private knowledge base for your business or project with MediaWiki, the world's most widely used open source wiki software. Our added value: we support you in creating your knowledge base architecture.

Create, share and manage your knowledge in a single platform

Whether public or internal to be used in business, a wiki allows you to create an online knowledge base to which each authorized person can contribute by adding data, completing them, correcting them, thus capitalizing on all your knowledge..

Each authorized person can easily and quickly find the information they need. This also allows companies to highlight the skills of employees internally and to have constantly up-to-date information.

IT knowledge management is indispensable in many cases...

We believe that any organization needs to structure and capitalize its knowledge on a unique basis in order to avoid duplication and have a coherent discourse. In some cases, it is even a necessity, particularly in the context :

  • customer support for a help-desk platform;
  • market research
  • a portal site bringing together a large amount of information: site of municipality, administration, non-governmental organization, association...
  • a science project;
  • of a project requiring the compilation and extraction of knowledge ;
  • a competitive and technological watch...

... and can take many forms

  • Technical documentation
  • Collection of responses to be provided to customers as part of a HelpDesk
  • Specialized encyclopedia
  • Editorial website
  • Knowledge sharing or e-learning space for educational institutions
  • Phone book

Public knowledge base example:, the home automation wiki

Base de connaissance informatique sur la domotique

This knowledge base includes

  • a structured and collaborative directory of home automation shops and installers.
  • a comparison of home automation boxes, free and/or open source home automation software and mobile apps for home automation

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Use your knowledge base in SAAS mode with a simple web browser

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3GB included per base+ 1GB per contributor

Encryption TLS 1.2

Import your existing data or knowledge

  • Import your existing structured data (XML or CSV) in just a few clicks
  • Import your knowledge from your existing tool (Dokuwiki, SharePoint) or your office files
  • Easily switch from SharePoint to Semantic MediaWiki using the import script developed by NASA
  • Create forms and define how data is entered manually: number of open choices with automatic suggestion of values, number of multiple or unique closed choices
  • Convert to MediaWiki format and [[ from a classic organization based on knowledge contained in office files integrate your office documents] within your knowledge base]]

Display your knowledge in different formats

  • Use the multi-criteria search to easily find the items you are looking for
  • Show the most interesting columns, create different tables as needed, exclude certain data
  • Sort each column simply
  • Print your tables in a pdf file
  • Automatically display locations on a map based on entered addresses

Add features to your knowledge management database

  • A question and answer manager (like WikiAnswers)
  • An advanced glossary (terms classified by domain, with synonyms, related terms, etc.)
  • A comparator...

Use open source extensions to create a forum or display Facebook, Twitter, YouTube widgets...(List of all available widgets)