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...for your enterprise or your project with MediaWiki the wiki software most used in the world.[edit]

Our added value: lead you in the creation of the architecture of your base knowledge.

Create, share and manage your knowledge through one platform.

Either public or private used in an enterprise, a wiki allows you to create an online knowledge base, where all the contributors can add some data, putting more informations, correcting them capitalizing all your knowledge.

Each authorized user can easily and quickly find the information needed. This also allows companies internally to highlight the skills of employees and have permanently updated information.

Knowledge management is compulsory in most of the cases:

We think that any organization needs to be structured and capitalize her knowledge in one base so that it avoids duplicates and then it gets a coherent speech. In several cases, it is a necessity and especially in this case:

  • of a client support for help-desk ;
  • of a market research ;
  • of a portal site containing all the important informations: municipality site, administration, non gouvernemental organization, association... ;
  • of a scientific project ;
  • of a project that needs a compilation and extraction of knowledge ;
  • of a competitive intelligence, technologic...

And can take many forms:

  • Technical documentation
  • Collection of responses to give to clients in the case of a HelpDesk
  • Specialized encyclopedie
  • Editorial site
  • Space to share a knowledge base or e-learning for the educational establishments
  • Calendar

Example of a public knowledge base:, the wiki of Home automation.

This knowledge base has

  • a structured calendar and a collaborative of shops and domotiques installors.
  • a comparison of the home automation box, softwares free and/or opensources mobiles applications.

Ask for the creation of your knowledge base[edit]

  • 30 days trial without engagement
  • Use your knowledge base online with a simple web navigator
  • Securized host in France
  • 3Go per wiki + 1Go per contributor
  • Encryption TLS 1.2
  • Import your data or existing knowledge
  • Import your structured data (XML ou CSV) already existing in a few clics
  • Import your knowledge from your existing tool (Dokuwiki, SharePoint) or your office files
  • Go easily from SharePoint to SemanticMediaWiki using the import script developed by the NASA
  • Create your formula and define the way the data are grabbed manually : number of choices open with automatic suggestions of values, number of closed choices multiple or unic
  • Convert in a MediaWiki format and from a classical organization based on knowledge from office documents integrate these documents in your knowledge base

Show your knowledge in different format[edit]

  • Use the research multiple criteria to find easily the items researched
  • Show columns most interesting, create sheets concerning your needs, exclude some data
  • Classify each column simply
  • Print sheets in a pdf file

Add features knowledge management base[edit]

  • A manager of questions answers (like WikiAnswers)
  • An advanced glossary (terms classified per domain, synonyms, terms linked, etc)
  • A comparator...