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How the Wiki works

Navigate the wiki

  • To return to the home page: click on the logo or the white square at the top left.
  • To do a classic search on the content of all articles: use the search bar at the top right
  • View different versions of an article
  • Compare different versions of an article
  • To find an article by doing a multi-criteria search (based on the themes and metadata entered in the page): In the navigation bar, click on articles > Find an article

Editing Pages

You can access a wiki, in reading as well as in writing, with a classic web browser. You can view the pages in two different modes: read mode (which is the default mode) and write mode, which present the page in a form that allows you to modify it. In write mode, the text of the page, displayed in a web page, is enriched with a help bar for formatting the text, creating links, arranging images, etc.

Perhaps the best-known public wiki is Wikipedia.

Editing articles

The articles are just like the other pages but to which we can add themes and tags thanks to the form

Learn more, see online help

Articles management

  • To create a new article: in the navigation bar, click on Articles then Add an article
  • To add / modify themes and / or tags to articles: on the page of an article, click on "Modify themes and / or tags"
  • To know how to modify / edit the content of an existing article and save its modifications click here.

Manage pages / articles

Articles are pages like any other but to which you can add themes and tags using the form

  • Rename a page
    • From the page of an article click on "Rename"
  • Follow a page to be notified of its changes
    • From the page of an article click on "Follow"
  • Undo changes already saved to go back to a previous version
    • From the page of an article click on "History"
    • Find the modification to be canceled then click on the "Cancel" link

Discuss the content of an article

On an article page, click on the "Discussion" link (if the link is red it means that there has not yet been a discussion attached to this article). Then enter the title of the discussion and enter your first message or reply within an existing discussion.

User interface

To connect to a private wiki, all you have to do is go to the wiki url and enter your credentials (Username + password) in the connection form. On a private wiki, people who are not logged in are automatically redirected to the login form. Liens utiles :

Administer your wiki(s)

These actions can only be carried out by administrators

  • To protect a page in writing, from the page of an article, Click on the "Protect" link. Select the different options then save
  • To delete a page, from the page of an article, click on the "Delete" link
  • To modify the navigation bar, click on "Administration" in the horizontal navigation bar then on the link "Modify the lateral or horizontal navigation bar"

User Management

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