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Monthly prices of wikis after your trial period

Type of Wiki Per month

(excluding VAT )

Declining prices based on the number of accounts
👤1-10 👥11-100 👥👥101 and more
🔒Private Wiki Per 🖊️Editor or 👔admin 5€ 4€ 3€
🌐Public Wiki From 19 € per month (no matter the amount of user accounts)

🔒Private Wikis

5 € per editor or admin for the first 10 contributors

Then 4 € per contributor* from the 11th to the 100th

Then 3 € for each additional contributor

A user can be counted out of the bill at any time (effective from the month after)if he is removed of all user groups.

3 Gb included per wiki + 1 Gb per contributor.

Readers can use the wiki for free.

🌐Monthly price of public wikis

From 19 € (excluding tax) per month

No matter the amount of user accounts. 👪

A public wiki can be read by anyone (like Wikipedia) but only authorized users can edit it.

Get 1 month of free trial 😀 !

Features of a wiki made with MediaWiki

  • Version management available for pages 📕 and files 🗂️
  • Multi-user 👭
  • Can be used in many languages
  • Receive notifications through emails 📨
  • Chat feed linked at the bottom of each articles 🖇️
  • Links between chat feeds and pages 💬

Logo MediaWiki produces a free and open source wiki

Extensions included features

Responsive Design


The display of your wiki adapts itself to your screens: Smartphone, Tablet, Computer monitors... 🖥️📲

Semantic structure of your articles


Semantic MediaWiki offers you the possibility of tagging every page 📕 of your wiki so users can find them easily afterward. You benefit of functionalities resembling a data base's features: Precise queries, Intuitive search, statistics and customized dashboard to save some time avoiding looking for a piece of information. 🤩 Here's a demo.

Visual Editor included in all your pages

logo Visual Editor

Visual Editor lets you edit each and every one of your wiki's articles on WYSIWYG mode (What You See Is What You Get). No need to know any of the wiki's syntax to write your content.

See how to enable your visual editor easily on your wiki to edit your articles on WYSIWYG mode.

Stay informed about your wiki

Echo logo

Echo sends you notifications after various actions were made on the wiki: a deleted page, a link that has been created and added, a received message.

Advanced search in full text with Elastic Search

logo Visual Editor

Use the powerful Elastic Search extension for your wiki and benefit from an enhanced full text search (also called "free text search"):accent management and providing word prediction resembling your request.

Visual Editor : Simple page editing thanks to the new WYSIWYG editor

Try out the latest version of the Visual Editor extension on

WYSIWYG tool bar included with Visual Editor

Other integrated extensions

  • AdminLinks provides a shortcut index to all of the most used pages by the administrators 👱🏽
  • Arrays lets you create data tables.📉
  • Bootstrap : allows you to use the Bootstrap framework
  • BounceHandler
  • Cite allows for the addition of references like in Wikipedia.
  • CodeMirror Syntax coloring of the wikicode
  • FilterSpecialPages makes it easier to find a "special" page. 📑
  • Flow enhances the chat interface.💬
  • Interwiki lets you create internal links between wikis. ⛓️
  • MagicNoCache disables cache so your page is always up to date.📈
  • PageForms allows you to create forms for an easier structured data input.
  • ParserFunctions (technical extension)
  • PdfHandler lets you browse easily between pages of a pdf file. 📁
  • Replace Text lets you replace text content on all wiki pages.
  • SemanticDrilldown : Provides a search interface with multiple filters.
  • SemanticResultFormats allows you to create dashboards permet de créer des tableaux de bord en fonction des données structurées présentes sur le wiki.
  • SyntaxHighlight GeSHi allows to display code in your chosen language directly on a wiki page.
  • TemplateData (technical extension)
  • WikiEditor helps you to edit a page into wikicode.

Get 1 month of free trial 😀 !

*The price is to be considered excluding taxes and is determined by the maximum amount of user accounts reached for a month in each Wiki belonging or formerly included in these groups: reader or contributor. If a user stops using our platform, he can be removed from the reader group et/or contributor and/or administrator by an administrator so he can be counted out from the bill. An administrator account is counted as a contributor account.