Configuration and administration of your wiki

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Configuration and administration of your wiki


Initial Setup

Whether the wiki is intended to become public or private, the initial configuration aims to:

  • Structure the data;
  • Facilitate navigation and handling by new users;
  • Make forms easy to use for users;
  • Restrict the choice and/or propose certain values ​​in the forms in order to avoid duplicates and incorrect values;
  • Make simple and intuitive multi-criteria searches;
  • Display information in dashboards.

Concretely, this involves the creation of the architecture of the wiki, including forms and dashboards, according to the elements you want to describe and your needs.

Examples of elements that may be present in a company internal wiki :

  • Individuals (employees, supplier/customer contact)
  • Organizations (taxes, Urssaf, CAC, etc.)
  • Commercial partners (suppliers, customers, etc.)
  • Products or services offered by your company
  • Events (meetings, interview, annual report, etc.)
  • Components of the company (factory, department, service, profit centre, etc.)
  • Material resources (office, building, room, video projector, machine, etc.)
  • Activities (mission, task, ticket, project, reporting, report, etc.)

For a public wiki it depends on your SEO strategy and the theme of your wiki :

  • Your offers and products for a social CRM platform;
  • An article, a resource for an editorial site or a specialized encyclopedia.

Remote Administration

Your wiki, once configured, will have to be administered to always remain adapted to your needs.

By entrusting us with the maintenance and administration of your wiki, you will remain supported.

The role o the MediaWiki Consultant :

  • Manage user rights
  • Modify forms, dashboards, multi-criteria searches.
  • Import structured data
    • in bulk thanks to imports in CSV or XML format.
    • remotely by connecting to a database (feature available soon)
  • Create new semantic properties
  • Organize the home page and main pages
  • Integrate new extensions
  • Share new wiki features
  • Take or renounce redundant or obsolete pages
  • Repair cassette links
  • Edit homonymous pages


The price of these claims depends on the quality and nature of your wiki.

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