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Company internal private wiki

Benefits of a company internal wiki

Create an intranet 2.0 within your organization and:

  • Work with your collaborators within a single platform;
  • Keep a history of your knowledge;
  • Offer support for learning how your business works for newcomers;
  • Facilitate teleworking;
  • Reduce the mass of emails exchanged between your employees;
  • Limit the formation of duplicate documents and information;
  • Create reports more easily;
  • Archive, classify and display simply in any page your non-editable files (images and pdf);
  • Collect, share, structure and retain your business knowledge;

A consultant supports you in building the architecture and setting up your enterprise wiki.

Benefits of a collaborative corporate intranet
Benefits of a collaborative corporate intranet

Adapt your platform to your business

An enterprise private wiki using MediaWiki Semantic MediaWiki will allow you to consolidate multiple features into one platform and more easily link information together. This will save you from buying several software for each function and from developing gateways to link the different information.

Transversal applications

  • Management of tasks, events, projects, tickets...
  • Document management system (DMS) with MediaWiki, sharing and filing files;
  • Corporate social network;
  • Management of processes and/or procedures.

Applications for the Human Resources department

  • Management of job descriptions;
  • Follow-up of applications.

Applications for the legal control and audit department

  • Assistance in conducting an audit, follow-up of recommendations;
  • Contract management.

Apps for sales and marketing

  • Commercial follow-up and customer follow-up;
  • Competitive intelligence;
  • Management of product sheets within a catalog.
Regroupez plusieurs fonctionnalités avec une plateforme collaborative d'entreprise
Regroupez plusieurs fonctionnalités avec une plateforme collaborative d'entreprise

Testimonials from private enterprise wiki creators

(Excluding customers)


"I implemented an instance of MediaWiki for use by all 100,000+ employees of the company. It's called Intelpedia, and was created in November 2005. In the first year of life, it quickly grew to over 10,000 pages, and almost 3,000 registered contributors. It averages about 8,000 views and 150 edits per day. Intelpedia was featured at Wikimania 2006, as part of the organizational use of MediaWiki, and was also featured in a Wall Street Journal article on the same topic."

-> Read in full Josh Bancroft - Creator of the internal Intel company wiki


"We launched our internal MediaWiki site, Vistawiki, in March 2007. Vistawiki has been a huge success, with over 150,000 topics, thousands of active users worldwide, and over 50 custom-written extensions. Since inception, Vistawiki has had over 35 million page views and 1.3 million edits, and it currently averages 1500 edits per day. Vistawiki's story has been covered in several business journals and blogs, including Training Magazine, the Portals And KM blog, and Jacob Morgan's blog."

-> Read in full Daniel J. Barrett - Director of Learning and Knowledge Management

Uses of Wikipedia-like wikis

  • Learn how NASA created its internal corporate wiki
  • Other organizations with an internal wiki based on MediaWiki:
    • NATO
    • Department of Defense (US Department of Defense)
    • Agencies or US State Department: Intelipedia, Statipedia, Diplopedia

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