MediaWiki the open source knowledge base software

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MediaWiki (MW) is a free and open source wiki engine which powers many wikis all over the world like Wikipedia. MediaWiki is used internally by many companies or administrations like NATO, NASA, Intel, Vista Print...

Used internally, MediaWiki becomes a powerful collaborative tool which allows to share and manage knwoledge in one place. The good consequences are less file duplicate and less email exchange among colleagues.

Based on open source technology like PHP and MySQL, Mediawiki has thousands extensions which improve its features.

Users don't have to learn a new syntax, they can simply use the new WYSIWYG tool for editing the page content and the forms for structured data.

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The first version of MediaWiki was released on 2002 and has two major updates by year.

A customizable collaborative tool...[edit | edit source]

  • watchlist only page that you focus on, be notified by email when these page are edited
  • Choose your language and skin interface

...Boasting a flexible structure[edit | edit source]

  • add links between pages
  • classify pages thanks to categories, namespaces, subpages and semantic properties (Semantic MediaWiki required)

What you can do with a wiki powered by MediaWiki[edit | edit source]

  • Displaying every former version of an article
  • Comparing every couple of versions