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Reduce the volume of exchanged e-mails

Centralize information scattered across multiple media (emails, office documents, etc.)

Answer (once and for all) the questions asked by your customers, colleagues, suppliers...

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Extensions Included


View the different versions of each article

  • Undo any unwanted changes with a single click (depending on rights)
  • View differences between two versions of the same page
  • Revert to any previous version
  • Determine who changed what and when

Semantic structure of your articles

Semantic MediaWiki offers you the possibility of tagging the pages of your wiki to better find them later. You have features such as: refined queries, intuitive searches, statistics and personalized dashboards so you don't waste time.

Internal search engine

Quickly find information or an article on the whole wiki, thanks to the suggestions automatically displayed in the search bar from the first letter. Also benefit from the power of Elastic Search.

Visual editor on each of your pages

Visual Editor allows editing each wiki article in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mode. No need to know the wiki syntax to format the content of the pages.
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Advanced full-text search with Elastic Search

Use the power of Elastic Search within your wiki and benefit from an improved full-text search: management of accents and proposal of terms close to the query.

Simply manage your items

Edit, tag, rename, delete, write protect or view the history of each article with just a few clicks. Simply update content with the visual editor.

Stay informed of the life of the wiki

Echo allows you to receive notifications following different actions on the wiki (deleting a page, creating a link, receiving a message, etc.)

Responsive skin

The display of your wiki adapts to the width of your screen: Smartphone, Phablet, Tablet, computer screen...

Flow / Structured Discussions

Enjoy an improved chat interface.

PDF Handler

Navigate more easily within the pages of a PDF file.

Admin Links

Easily access all useful links for administrators.

Syntax Highlight

Display computer code in the language of your choice directly on a Wiki page.

Many other extensions

Cite: Add references, Semantic Drilldown: Filtered search, Bootstrap: simple HTML formatting...

Replace Text

Easily replace text on all Wiki pages at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use a Wiki?

A wiki, with its great flexibility, can be used by the individual wishing to create his personal wiki to the large group or the public entity (ministry...) through the start-up in order to create a knowledge base.

How do we access the wiki ? Whit what level of security ?

Access to your wiki in a secure way in SAAS mode, with every connected device.

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Our Team

Nicolas NALLET

Nicolas NALLET

MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki consultant. Founder of Sémantiki, collaborative web platforms in 2012.

Sébastien BEYOU

Sébastien BEYOU

MediaWiki consultant and system administrator. Contributor to MediaWiki since 2008 and consultant since 2015.