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Gather your knowledge 📖 within one workplace

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Decrease emails sent among colleagues 📥 and communicate directly in the wiki 💬

Stop wasting time with pieces of knowledge scattered across multiple media - emails, office documents 📤📙-

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Features included


Track changes !

See any versions of any article, cancel any edit. 📰⬅️

See differences between two versions of the same page.👀

Go back to any previous version.↩️

Check who has changed something and when. 👱🏽⏰

Versioning of any article included

🕵 Internal search engine

Find quickly any article thanks to the Auto suggestions. 👓

Detect missing, contradictory or obsolete information. 🔠

Auto suggestions when searching an article on the wiki

Manage easily your articles 📙

Edit 🖋️, add tags 🏷️, delete, or vizualize every article in a few clics. 🖱️

Classify your articles by topic and tags to find them more easily thanks to the multi-criteria search. 🔦

Link your knowledge : link easily articles and / or discussion threads to each other. ⛓️

Abandon the classic hierarchical data structure and switch to structured data !

Form to edit tags and topics of an article

Other features

Responsive Design

design responsive wikis

The display of your wiki fits the device

Semantic architecture...

...with theme, tags and key words

Tag topic and keywords to your articles to find them easily. 🔠

Talk page available for any article 📰

Document management system 📑

Mapping service 🗺️

Simple edits thanks to Visual Editor WYSIWYG

visual editor WYSIWYG

Test last version of Visual Editor on

Customers testimonials 💬

The use of the wiki was challenging but was the key for our management and organization system.

Andreas Ligtvoet - Principal Consultant at Technopolis Group


We needed a central system to run our client files and thanks to the wiki all the data is stored, shared and accessible.

Eyal Reuven - Incoming Tourism manager at Traveling Jerusalem

The wiki is a really good tool for work that is a key for knowledge performance and allows us to be more efficient in our projects.*

Pierre-Georges Anquetin – Director of the hydraulic labarotary of Artelia

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Artelia logo.jpg

The wiki is a real success for both user collaborators and contributors. It allowed us to centralize the entire knowledge library of our company.*

Caroline Denis - Aiguillon


Technology used: MediaWiki free and open source software

All of our wikis use MediaWiki a free and open source wiki engine used by many other wikis both internal or public like Wikipedia.

MediaWiki has 6000+ extensions that extends its features like Semantic MediaWiki. Many of MediaWiki extensions like Semantic MediaWiki and Visual Editor are installed by default.

Semantic MediaWiki is a major extension to MediaWiki which allows to store and query data in any wiki page like a database. 📊

As MediaWiki is free we can propose low prices comparing to our competitors who use paid softwares.

Logo MediaWiki software free and open source

Customer references

Customer references wiki consulting, expert MediaWiki Logo MCCréf client wiki consulting, consultant MediaWikiLogo bureau enquête analyseréf client wiki consulting, consultant MediaWiki EHESSLogo MGWiki wiki médecine généraleLogo_saint_gobain_client_Wiki_Valley_MediaWiki_Consulting


Who can use a wiki 👬 ?

A wiki, with its great flexibility, can be used from individuals 👱🏽 wishing to create their personal wiki to large groups 👪 or public entities (ministries, etc.) 👨🏽‍💻️ via start-ups in order to create a knowledge base.

How to access it ? Is it secure ? 🔏

Access your wiki securely from any connected device at any time. 📱🕑

Any question ❔Contact us ☎️

Who are we ? 👬

We are a company 👨🏽‍💻️ (society by simplified actions) founded in 2016 by two MediaWiki consultants 👨🏽‍💼️ and based in France.

Sébastien BEYOU

MediaWiki Consultant and system administrator. Wikipedian since 2008 and consultant since 2015.

Picture of Sébastien Consultant and MediaWiki expert

Nicolas NALLET

MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki Consultant and Trainer. Founder of Sémantiki (fr) in 2012.

Picture Nicolas Consultant and Semantic MediaWiki expert

MediaWiki services


What we can do to help you 💁🏽 :

  • Update your wiki to last stable MediaWiki version
  • Install complex extensions like Visual Editor, Elastic Search...
  • Provide a users and admins support by phone 📞, email 📩, chat 💭 or on the wiki
  • Import your current knowledge from...
    • ...Office files 📓
    • ...another wiki engine like Dokuwiki
    • ...another KM tool like SharePoint
    • ...structured files like csv, xml 📂
  • Develop custom MediaWiki extensions
  • Administer your wiki remotely
  • Organize and create the architecture of your wiki
  • Train the users or admins of your wiki 👪

Public wikis services

Hosting managed services

All you need to set up a MediaWiki instance on your own server

  • Server initial setup with Linux, MySQL, Apache (or Nginx), and PHP
  • Mail server set up 📬
  • Set up automatic recurring backups of your database 📈 and files 🗂️
  • Set up of update scripts
  • Install last version of MediaWiki, its extensions ans requested services.

MediaWiki training courses

french version wiki valley Version française sur

*translation from french to english by Wiki Valley