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Decrease emails sent among colleagues 📥

Centralize pieces of knowledge scattered across multiple medias - emails, office documents 📤📙

Answer questions asked by your colleagues, customers or providers once and for all 💭👦🏽

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Features included

🔍 A powerful internal search engine

Find quickly any information 📑 or article 📰 across the whole wiki thanks to the automatic suggestion feature that displays all the possible results from the first letters you typed in. Ⓜ️ Benefit from the power of Elastic Search.

Auto suggestions when searching an article on the wiki


📜 Visualize all the various versions of every article 📝
  • Cancel any unwanted edits with a single click (depending on your account's permissions).🖱️
  • Display the differences between two versions of a same article.📄
  • Roll back to any previous versions of an article. ⬅️
  • See who changed something and when.✒️

Versioning of any article included

🖊️ Manage your articles easily

Edit 🖋️, add tags , rename, delete ❌, or vizualize every article with a few clics. 🖱️

Update your content smoothly with the integrated Visual Editor.👁️📑

Form to edit tags and topics of an article

💬 Exchange with dedicated Chat pagess for all articles and content

🗯️Discuss about the content and its form on their dedicated chat pages ✍️

👪Notify other wiki users of any new answers by mentionning them🙋🏽

chat feed for every article

Simple edits thanks to Visual Editor WYSIWYG

visual editor WYSIWYG

Test the latest version of Visual Editor on

Responsive Design

Wikis with a responsive design

The display of your wiki adapts dynamically to any device 📟 📺

Semantic architecture...

...with theme, tags and key words

Organize your articles by subject 📔 and add keywords or tags 🏷️ to find them more easily thanks to the multi-criteria research feature.🔎

Link articles and/or discussion feeds with each other.🔗

Give up on the classical Hierarchical data structure and move on to structured data📊 !

🕵🏽 Advanced research of an article with filters

Find an article of your wiki 📑 with few clicks by sorting them by subject and/or tags 🏷️

Search at the heart of the collaborative network

MediaWiki, a free and open source software

Our wikis use MediaWiki (a software used by Wikipedia) and many of its extensions like Semantic MediaWiki and Visual Editor.

The free aspect of this sofware and its extensions let us offer you more and more attractive prices compared to paid software equivalents.

Wikipedia, depends of MediaWiki with the voluntary collaboration of a lot of developers 👥 which guarantees its support and Mediawiki's sustainability

Logo MediaWiki software free and open source

Customers testimonials 💬

The wiki is a genuine work tool that is a key to knowledge performance and allows us to be more efficient in our projects.*

Pierre-Georges Anquetin – Director of the hydraulic labarotary of Artelia Read the customer story

Photo Pierre Georges Artelia.png

Excellent services provided by Wikivalley. Creating a wiki can seem hard for a beginner but you benefit from the numerous explainations and a responsive online support to answer all our questions. It's with a great professionalism that they met our needs. *

Marine - Consultant

We prefer the use of collaborative spaces. The wiki is an indispensable tool that lets you host all resources, centralise and prioritize data for an improved project management.*

Naufalle Al Wahab - Chargé de mission at Association Bug

A simple yet fast solution to capitalise information, reduce costs and make company's key data accessible.*

François Renault

Thanks to the wiki, we saved a lot of time. Creating a dedicated space for documents is essential for any project's progress.*

Laure Pailhe

« Laws for everyone ! » this is our motto. We strongly believe that we need to gather all legal professionals around a same objective that is diffusing a reliable and free legal content. This is why we chose Wiki Valley, a simple yet efficient solution for a collaborative platform.*

Emmanuel Pierrat, lawyer associate, Director of the Great Law Library and Agnès Secretan, Lawyer, Manager of the Great Law Library (Bar council of Paris) 

The wiki is a real success for both user collaborators and contributors. It allowed us to centralize the entire knowledge library of our company.*

Caroline Denis - Quality manager at Aiguillon


Who can use a wiki? 👱🏽

A iki, with its great flexibility, can be used by anyone, from individuals 👱🏽 wishing to create their personal wiki to large groups or public entities (ministries, etc.) 👨🏽‍💻️ and small start-ups in order to create a knowledge base.

How can we access it ? Is it secure ? 🔏

Access your wiki securely 🔒 from any connected device at any time directly from your browser. 🌐

Our Wikis are hosted in France Servers located in France

TLS encryption 1.2 and 1.3

Any question ❔ Contact us ☎️

+33 (0)1 85 08 91 99

Customer references

Customer references wiki consulting, expert MediaWiki Logo MCCréf client wiki consulting, consultant MediaWikiLogo bureau enquête analyseréf client wiki consulting, consultant MediaWiki EHESSLogo MGWiki wiki médecine généraleLogo_saint_gobain_client_Wiki_Valley_MediaWiki_Consulting

Who are we ? 👬

We are a company 👨🏽‍💻️ (society by simplified actions) founded in 2016 by two MediaWiki consultants 👨🏽‍💼️ and based in France.

Sébastien BEYOU

MediaWiki Consultant and system administrator. Wikipedian since 2008 and consultant since 2015.

Picture of Sébastien Consultant and MediaWiki expert

Nicolas NALLET

MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki Consultant and Trainer. Founder of Sémantiki (fr) in 2012.

Picture Nicolas Consultant and Semantic MediaWiki expert

How does it work ❓

See How to MediaWiki, our security policy 🔑, our demo wiki and checkout our Pricing.

*translation from french to english by Wiki Valley