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With Wiki Valley...

...Decrease emails sent among colleagues and work on the wiki !

Stop wasting time with pieces of knowledge scattered in multiple media - emails, office documents-

Give up the classic hierarchical data structure and switch to structured data!

Gather your knowledge within one platform and put them in line to detect missing, conflicting or obsolete information.

A wiki with its flexibility can be used from the start-up to the large group or public entity (Department...).

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30 days free trial

Use your wiki with a simple web browser

3Go included per wiki

Features included


See any versions of any article, cancel any edit. See differences between two versions of the same page. Go back to any previous version.

Internal search engine

Find quickly a piece of information or an article thanks to the drilldown research.

Optional features

Responsive Design

design responsive wikis

The display of your wiki fits the device

Semantic architecture...

...with theme, tags and key words

Add thema and keywords to your articles to find theme easily.

Simple edits thanks to Visual Editor WYSIWYG

visual editor WYSIWYG

Test last version of Visual Editor on

Technology used: MediaWiki free and open source software

All of our wikis use MediaWiki like Wikipedia and many of its extensions like Semantic MediaWiki and Visual Editor.

As MediaWiki is free we can propose low prices comparing to our competitors who use paid softwares.

Logo MediaWiki software free and open source

Who are we?

Sébastien BEYOU

MediaWiki Consultant and system administrator.

Nicolas NALLET

MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki Consultant . Founder of Sémantiki (fr) in 2012.

MediaWiki services

What we can do to help you :

  • Update your wiki to last stable MediaWiki version
  • Install complex extensions like Visual Editor, Elastic Search...
  • Provide a users and admins support by phone, email, chat or on the wiki
  • Import your current knowledge from...
    • ...Office files
    • ...another wiki like Dokuwiki
    • ...another KM tool like SharePoint
  • Import structured knowledge from csv, xml files
  • Custom MediaWiki extensions development

Hosting managed services

All you need to set up a MediaWiki instance on your own server

  • Server initial setup with Linux, MySQL, Apache (or Nginx), and PHP
  • Mail server set up
  • Set up automatic recurring backups of your database and files
  • Set up of update scripts

Public wikis services

  • Search engine optimisation for your wiki

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