Master data management with MediaWiki

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The master data management consist in maintaining in one platform the data used by different services or departments in the organization like a company.

For example, the address of a client can be used by the accounting department to send an invoice and by the marketing to send a promotional offer. The address is considered as a data reference. If each service manage the update of the data reference, not only two ressources are used for the same task, but differences could appear, differences that can be source of errors, since there is only one valid address.

Your wiki, if it is created with MediaWiki, can be connected with your data reference, in fact you data base can show dynamically in push mode the data coming from the data base in format SOAP, MS SQL/SQLServer, MongoDB, Oracle, LDAP, MySQL, Postgres, DB2 or structured data presented in fields in format : CSV, GFF, JSON and XML.

Finally your wiki can make easier the management of the collaboration investment of your system of data reference, each data or type of data can also have her own dedicated page in which you can document it and debate concerning the content.

Move towards a classical organization based on data contained in office fields[edit]

The passage from an intern wiki needs of course to keep knowledge and informations already here in the company often in the form of office documents like Word, Writer, Excel, Calc or PowerPoint or Impress. To accelerate the migration, it is possible to convert fields in the MediaWiki format and to import them.

The wiki allows you to decrease the risk of duplicates documents.

Import from SharePoint[edit]

It is possible to use the script created by the NASA for your own intern wiki in order to import from SharePoint.