Document management system (DMS) with MediaWiki

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We accompagnes you in your project of setting up a solution of Document management system (DMS) inside your wiki.

But be careful, the goal of this wiki if to get rid of office documents (word processor and spreadsheet) by transferring the content in the wiki. We advice to upload only documents that are not editable on the wiki like pdf or images. In addition those two types of documents will appear in any page of the wiki.

Features of DMS with MediaWiki[edit]

  • Personalize criteria of researchs depending on your activity in addition of traditional criteria: Name, Date, Format...
  • Determinate which criteria have to be shown during the upload of a field, which are optional.
  • Determinate which formats of fields can be uploaded in the wiki (.doc, .pdf, .xls...)
  • Grant upload rights (right to replace an existing field in the wiki by an other) only to a few collaborators.
  • Visualize quickly the historic of the document.
  • Discuss the content in the discussion present on the dedicate page.
  • Summarize the content of the document in the discussion page on the dedicate page.
  • Allow any person to upload, research and find quickly any document to download and read it.
  • Attach documents to articles on the wiki, your DMS goes directly on the data knowledge base online and open source.

How a document is uploaded in the DMS ?[edit]

  1. You connect on the wiki
  2. After clicking on the bottom Add a document, you fill in the form and give criteria about the document.
  3. Click on Publish, the document is on the wiki with meta-data attached.

How to find a document ?[edit]

The criteria (or meta-data) given during the upload of the document allow you to find it quickly in a few clics in addition of the direct classical research by the name.

  1. From the menu, you can go on the page advanced research.
  2. Click on one or several criteria (type of document, format, date...) to make appear only the name of the documents concerned that appear at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on the name of the document you are looking for to get to the dedicated page.
  4. On this page you can download the document to consult it and consult/modify the meta-data.

Example of criteria (that can fit your job or activity)[edit]

  • Name of the document
  • Date
  • Name of the send + service / department
  • Name of the recipient
  • Name of the enterprise recipient
  • Theme(s) (specific to your activity area)
  • Type of document (Invoice, quote, correspondance, documentation, relaunch, procedure...)
  • ID of the document (for invoices for example)