Document management system (DMS) with MediaWiki

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Document management system (DMS) with MediaWiki

We support you in your dematerialization project by setting up a collaborative electronic document management (EDM) solution within your internal company wiki.

But beware, the purpose of a wiki is to get rid of office files (word processing and spreadsheet) by transferring their content to the wiki. It is therefore advisable to only upload non-editable files to the wiki such as pdfs or images. Moreover, these two types of files can be displayed within any page of the wiki.

The functionalities of a DMS with MediaWiki

DMS wiki collaborative form to enter a new document
Fill out a form and fill in the document-specific criteria
  • Customize the search criteria according to your sector of activity in addition to the classic criteria: Name, Date, Format...
  • Determine which criteria must be filled in when uploading a file, which are optional.
  • Determine which file formats can be uploaded to the wiki (.doc, .pdf, .xls...)
  • Grant "reupload" rights (right to replace an existing file on the wiki with another) only to certain collaborators.
  • Quickly view the history of a document.
  • Discuss the content of a document in the discussion space on its dedicated page.
  • Summarize the content of the document on its dedicated page.
  • Allow anyone to quickly upload, search and find any document to download and view.
  • Attach documents to wiki articles, your DMS fits perfectly within your online and open source knowledge management database

How is a document uploaded to the wiki EDM?

Automatic suggestion of values ​​within a collaborative DMS
Automatic suggestion of values ​​already filled in on the wiki for other documents during user input
  1. You connect to the wiki.
  2. After clicking on the Add a document button, you fill out a form and fill in the criteria specific to the document.
  3. Click on Publish, the document is uploaded on the wiki with its metadata attached.

How to find a document?

Advanced search within the wiki DMS
Advanced search by metadata within the collaborative DMS

The criteria (or meta-data) entered during the upload of the document make it possible to find it quickly in a few clicks in addition to the classic direct search by name.

  1. From the menu, go to the advanced search page.
  2. Click on one or more criteria (Type of document, format, date, etc.) to display only the names of the documents concerned, which are displayed at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on the name of the document you are looking for to go to its dedicated page.
  4. On this page you can download the document to consult it and consult/modify its metadata

Examples of criteria (which can be adapted to your profession or activity)

Example page of a document within a DMS wiki MediaWiki
Example page of a file within the electronic document management system with MediaWiki
  • Document name
  • Date
  • Sender's name + service/department
  • Recipient's name
  • Name of recipient company
  • Theme(s) (specific to your industry)
  • Type of document (Invoice, estimate, correspondence, documentation, follow-up, procedure...)
  • Document number (for invoices for example)