Intermediate MediaWiki Training: Administration and Advanced Wiki Editing

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MediaWiki Intermediate Training: Administration and Advanced Wiki Editing

Objectives of the administrator wiki training

  • Edit pages with wikitext in an advanced way and organize them
  • Manage files and images
  • Manage users and monitor contributions
  • Create templates to automatically format new contributions
  • Discover new features with extensions

Admin Wiki Training Content (1/2 day)

Advanced page editing

  • View RSS feeds
    • Limit the number of streams displayed
    • Exclude certain feeds with keywords
  • View the contents of another page by transclusion
  • View the contents of a pdf file directly in a page
  • Integrate "html code" securely
  • Use "magic words": "behaviour switches", variables and "parser functions"
  • Use the ParserFunctions extension to display under conditions
  • Structure a page with tabs
  • Format tables in an advanced way

Manage wiki users

  • User groups and user list
  • Change a group user
  • Default groups and rights
  • Add a right to a group
  • Block a user
  • Rename, delete user

Manage pages

  • Rename, redirect a page
  • Export a batch of pages and import them back to another wiki
  • Edit a string in multiple pages of the wiki in a few clicks
  • Delete a page or undelete a deletion
  • Merge multiple pages

Prevent, patrol, and delete editions

  • Protect and unprotect a page in writing
  • Patrol, mark a contribution as proofread
  • Hide a contribution, username or summary
  • Be notified of the creation of a page or any changes made to the wiki
  • Implement a change validation policy
    • Show only the latest version validated by an administrator
  • Edit a string on all wiki pages

Edit the wiki interface

  • The Mediawiki namespace
  • Display a message at the top of each wiki page
  • Edit headers and footers
  • Use a different skin
  • Offer a mobile format
    • Choice between a mobile version and a responsive skin
    • Impact on the organization of pages: navigation bar, user links...
  • Edit the MediaWiki:Common.css page to...
    • ... hide some parts of the wiki
    • ... apply css statements only to certain pages or namespaces

Organize the content of your wiki without Semantic MediaWiki


  • Utility and structure
  • Creation and display in another page
  • Creation of named or numbered variables
  • Displaying a model with named or numbered variables
  • Cases where a variable is not populated
  • Create an InfoBox template "as in Wikipedia"

The limits of a wiki without Semantic MediaWiki (SMW)

  • Use and limitations of
    • subpages
    • categories
    • models
    • namespaces
  • Introduction to SMW, review of the main features (simplified creation of models, automatic creation of statistics, dashboards and intuitive search pages...)

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MediaWiki Training Prerequisites

  • Know how to browse the internet
  • Know how to type text, edit a text file
  • Know css declarations for formatting
  • Have completed the Initial training in MediaWiki

Information and registration for training

  • By phone: +33 (0)1 85 08 91 99 ou +33 (0)6 73 10 97 88 ou +33(0)6 85 06 56 58
  • By email
  • By chat

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Client testimonials

Replying to the question"What is your general opinion on the content of the training ?" (translated from french to english)

"Very interesting content, the whole program could be browsed."

Stéphane, CAF Nord computer designer---- "Very interesting and very complete"

Nicolas pmp project manager

"Very adapted to the demand and personalized. Very competent trainer in the field"

Sylvain, works at the pmp

"Enriching training allowing the discovery of a new tool that is both simple and complex"

Jérôme, Front-end/dev back end at Atypic

"Very good training with exercises to practice and understand each notion seen."

Julien, intern at SOM Groupe Ortec

"Julien, intern at SOM Groupe Ortec"

Christophe Gontard, Area Manager at SOM.

"Very good presentation of the possibilities of MediaWiki. The additions around the available extensions are interesting"

Christophe, consultant at Ortec.

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