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SEO training with MediaWiki

Objectives of the training on natural referencing with MediaWiki

  • Escalate a wiki in search engine results
  • Know and apply the practices recommended by search engines
  • Know and avoid practices sanctioned by search engines

Training Prerequisites

  1. Savoir browse the internet
  2. Savoir type text
  3. Avoir followed the initial training in natural referencing offered by our partner réfé

MediaWiki and SEO

The objective of natural referencing is to raise your website in the results of search engines

SEO Training Plan with MediaWiki

Optimize your positioning by following Google's tips

  • Review of Google's SEO tips
  • The impact of choosing the page and wiki name on the h1 title tag and the url of each page
  • Display a title tag and/or h1 different from the url
  • Display a unique description per page
  • Fill in an "alt" tag for images
  • Allow search engine robots to track certain external links

Improve the structure of your wiki

  • Accompany page renames
  • Request de-indexing of unnecessary pages from visitors
    • static pages
    • all pages belonging to certain namespaces
  • Rewrite the article path of your wiki

Automate SEO with Semantic MediaWiki

  • Rewrite automatically
    • the title or h1 tag depending on the semantic data of the page
    • the alt tag of the images

Improve PageRank Sculpting with Semantic MediaWiki

  • Choosing the type of properties with Semantic MediaWiki: text or page?
  • Choice of category names

Connect your wiki to Google tools

  • Measure the audience with Google Analytics
  • Enable Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools)
  • Show an ad with adSense

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SEO course with MediaWiki

Information and registration for training

  • +33 (0)1 85 08 91 99 ou +33 (0)6 73 10 97 88 ou +33(0)6 85 06 56 58
  • By email

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