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The wiki is a genuine work tool that is a key to knowledge performance and allows us to be more efficient in our projects.*

Pierre-Georges Anquetin – Director of the hydraulic labarotary of Artelia Read the customer story


Excellent services provided by Wikivalley. Creating a wiki can seem hard for a beginner but you benefit from the numerous explainations and a responsive online support to answer all our questions. It's with a great professionalism that they met our needs. *

Marine - Consultant

We prefer the use of collaborative spaces. The wiki is an indispensable tool that lets you host all resources, centralise and prioritize data for an improved project management.*

Naufalle Al Wahab - Chargé de mission at Association Bug


A simple yet fast solution to capitalise information, reduce costs and make company's key data accessible.*

François Renault

Thanks to the wiki, we saved a lot of time. Creating a dedicated space for documents is essential for any project's progress.*

Laure Pailhe

« Laws for everyone ! » this is our motto. We strongly believe that we need to gather all legal professionals around a same objective that is diffusing a reliable and free legal content. This is why we chose Wiki Valley, a simple yet efficient solution for a collaborative platform.*

Emmanuel Pierrat, lawyer associate, Director of the Great Law Library and Agnès Secretan, Lawyer, Manager of the Great Law Library (Bar council of Paris) 


The wiki is a real success for both user collaborators and contributors. It allowed us to centralize the entire knowledge library of our company.*

Caroline Denis - Quality manager at Aiguillon

Getting used to our wiki was challenging but was the key for our management and organization system.

Andreas Ligtvoet - Principal Consultant at Technopolis Group

We needed a central system to run our client files and thanks to the wiki all the data is stored, shared and accessible.

Eyal Reuven - Incoming Tourism manager at Traveling Jerusalem

The goal was to be in coherence with the mission of the community using the power of an open source tool and allow people to be implicated in the development of the platform.*

Gabriel Plassat - La Fabrique des Mobilités

Wiki Valley guided us through every step to getstarted with the tool internally and allowed us to understand how interface worked.

Pascal Lefeuvre

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*translation from french to english by Wiki Valley