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💪 Challenge[edit]

Make public the preparations of fixed models and ameliorate realisation of projects.

🏭 Enterprise[edit]

Borned from the fusion between Cotega et Sogreah in 2010, Artelia is an international disciplinary group of advisory, ingeniery, and management of a project, that proposes services in the field of construction, infrastructures, water, industry and environment.

💡 The solution[edit]

A wiki platform that allows employees to share thier documents and contribute to the evolution of the projects.

🎯Goals reached[edit]

  • Set up of an online Wiki
  • Saving time everyday
  • Essential tool work

The platform really acts as a source of knowledge performance and promotes better cohesion in team work, tells Pierre Georges Anquetin, director of hydraulic laboratory of Artelia who gives his testimonial on his experience on the use of the wiki and the benefices provided during its use.


Be able to manage the project evolution in a collaborative way and facilitate data sharing.

For the director of the hydraulic laboratory of Artelia, it's an evidence that the presence of the wiki is a necessity to be able to communicate on the projects without difficulty and ameliorate every mission. With the actual crisis, the sectors of knowledge management and the open source have been sollicitated by the enterprises, that have to be particularly attentive to new exigences and have to be adapted being still productive and reactives.

Le wiki[edit]

The wiki has 3 or 4 contributors and 40 to 50 persons can comment the wiki.

The contributors of the site can participate in the set up of the tool. They document the preparations of fixed models. The contributors share the documents like draws, videos or schematics.

This place of exchange avoid double documents, and become compulsory in the organization of work. Every person can find the documents or articles thanks to the research on the site, even after several months without working on it.

''Real work tool, the site developped thanks to Wiki Valley serves as reporting and documentation base for all the employees of the enterprise.''


An opensource plateform that allows documents sharing where everyone can contribute. At the beginning, contributors tried to use the wiki as a tool for the Artelia group but everybody appropriated it, and now different projects can be realized in the platform (for example the 10 years of anniversary of the site).

For the director of the laboratory, the sobriety of the wiki is primordial because employees need a site that is easy to access and of utilisation. Users can see at any moment the information that facilitates the share of data and analysis.

After 3 months, the employees are at ease on the tool and can use it everyday for their work. When there is a report, it is published in of the pages. Through this tool, we can directly update the documents and enrich them. This encourages the creation of new pages and new contributions.