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The knowledge base (or wiki) is a collection of articles written in a collaborative way. Each article can be attached to several themes and tags. The traditional hierarchical data structure (folder/subfolder) is abandoned to move to an organisation based on structured data..

Objectives and benefits[edit]

One of the aim of the base is to free users from the mass of mails exchanged between colleagues and to communicate directly on an unique platform so that they lose no time with knowledge scattered between multiple supports – emails, office documents.

In addition, gathering knowledge on an unique platform allows you to compare to detect the missing informations, contradictory or obsolete.



Visualize different versions of each article, cancel any undesired modification with one click (depending on the rights. Show differences between two versions of the same page. Come back to any previous version.).

Internal search engine[edit]

Find quickly any information or article thanks to the intuitive research feature, find an article even if you forgot the name.

Responsive design: The display of the wiki adapts himself to the device used

Semantic structure…[edit]

…with themes, tags and keywords[edit]

Classify your articles by theme and add keywords or tags to find easily with the research multiple criterias. You benefit from features similar to data bases': finished requests, intuitive research, statistics and sheets personnalized...

Simple edition and intuitive thanks to the intuitive editor WYSIWYG[edit]

Test the latest version of Visual Editor on

Other base fonctionnalities[edit]

Creation of links between pages of the whole wiki and towards external sites

Possible protection in writing page per page

Discussion page attached to each content page

Automatic notification by mail in case of notification of a page followed by a user

Optional features[edit]

Videos from YouTuve Vimeo, Dailymotion...

Video display from YouTube Vimeo, Dailymotion...

Widgets from socialnetworks

Collaborative proofreading numerized in the aim to make them accessible in the middle of the text (for example to make ebooks or to permit the research in a text): example of Wikisource

The technology used: MediaWiki, wiki software free and open source…[edit]

Our wikis use the software MediaWiki (also used by Wikipedia) and several extensions among Semantic MediaWiki and Visual Editor.

The free software and his extensions allow us to propose you prices always more competitive compare to solutions based in paid software.

In addition Wikipedia that depend technically on MediaWiki with an enormous community of benevol developpers is a gage of perennity of the software MediaWiki and of the maintain of the quality. In fact the risk of an open source is that the number of developpers decreases and the project is abandonned.

In addition to be used by a lot of public projects, number of enterprises or organizations like the OTAN, NASA, Intel or VistaPrint use them in intern, we then talk about private wiki.

…Having many free extensions[edit]

Show geographic maps personnalized

This extension allows to use the power of Elastic Search in a wiki and benefit of a research in the middle of the text also called research in integral text or research with free text) improved: management of the accents and proposition of close terms from the request.

Echo permits you to receive notifications by different actions: delete of a page, creation of a link, reception of a message...


Your wiki base can be hosted in SAAS mode in the plateform or a servor belonging to you, see our prestations right here:

Our prestations[edit]

Prestations of MediaWiki[edit]

  • Update of mediawiki and his extensions towards the last version
  • Installation and configuration of new extensions and fonctionnalities like MediaWiki Semantic MediaWiki or BlueSpice
  • Initial configuration and administration of the wiki adaptation at your work environment, your entreprise, your projet, your jobs
  • Transfer of your existing wiki in your securized plateform based in France
  • User supprort, administrator and technic maintenance at your wiki
  • Import of you actual data from
    • your office documents,
    • an other wiki like Dokuwiki,
    • SharePoint (in fact MediaWiki can be an alternative of Microsoft SharePoint)…
  • Import of your actual securized data from your spreadsheets, csv/xml fields…
  • Connection at your existing data base and dynamic pages directly on your wiki, important in the case of the management of the data of reference
  • Administration at distance of the wiki
  • Formations at the utilisation of the wifi, from Wikipédia
  • Development of the new extensions and custom scripts

The prestations on the servor[edit]

  • Initial configuration of the servor : Installation and configuration of Linux, MySQL, Apache (or Nginx), PHP
  • Configuration of a mail servor
  • Optimisation of the performances
  • Set up of automatic scripts and recurring backups of your data base and your fields

Prestations for your public wiki[edit]

  • Optimization of the natural referencing of the wiki
  • Formation at the natural referencing of the wiki

For hosting a media wiki contact us.

Wo are we ?[edit]

We are a society created in 2016 by two consultants (Sébastien Beyou and Nicolas Nallet) specialized in the management of data with the free software MediaWiki. WikiValley takes the activities of Semantiki, enterprise created in 2012 by Nicolas Nallet and proposes even more prestations thanks to Sebastien Beyou, PHP developer and servor consultant Linux.

(For Wiki Valley et/ou Sémantiki)

Sébastien BEYOU[edit]

MediaWiki consultant and system administrator at MediaWiki in 2008 and consultant since 2015.

Nicolas NALLET[edit]

MediaWiki consultant and semantic MediaWiki. Fondator of the enterprise Semantiki, web collaboratives plateforms in 2012 Our clients references