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MediaWiki training for all levels

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List of wiki trainings offered by Wiki Valley

MediaWiki Training Title Target audience Level Duration Prerequisite
Media Wiki and Wikipedia course and tutorial
Initial MediaWiki training: Browse and contribute to a wiki that works with MediaWiki like Wikipedia Novice users and contributors Beginner 1/2 day Know how to browse the internet and type text
MediaWiki Administrator course and tutorial
MediaWiki training: Advanced editing and administration of a wiki Administrators and intermediate contributors Intermediary 1/2 day Have completed the initial training
MediaWiki course and tutorial
Host wiki training: Set up a wiki with MediaWiki, installation and configuration on the server Hosts Advanced 1 day Know how to manipulate files and databases on a server
SemanticMedia Wiki Training and Tutorial
MediaWiki Architect Training: Structuring your wiki with Semantic MediaWiki: Create a database or Collaborative Knowledge Architects Advanced 1 day Have followed and assimilated the intermediate training to MediaWiki (administrator)
Advanced SemanticMedia Wiki Training and Tutorial
Advanced architect' training: Advanced MediaWiki Semantic Training Architects Very advanced 1 day Have followed and assimilated the training to Semantic MediaWiki (Architect)
Courses and tutorial natural referencing with Media Wiki
SEO wiki training: Optimize the natural referencing of your wiki with MediaWiki SEOs Intermediary 1 day Have followed the initial and intermediate training courses in MediaWiki and the initial training in natural referencing.

Teaching methods common to all MediaWiki courses

  • The "courses" on MediaWiki will alternate theoretical presentations and practical exercises on wiki
  • The "practical exercises" can be applied to the concrete cases encountered by the participants in their project, i.e. on their own wiki. If participants do not yet have a working wiki, the French version of Wikipedia or any other wiki such as the home automation wiki will be used.

Location of training

Travel possible throughout the France + Belgium and Switzerland. The training can take place on your premises or in a training room rented by us.

We do not yet organize "inter"-company training

Pedagogical means common to all wiki training

  • Theoretical presentation on PowerPoint and video projector;
  • Course material sent in pdf format (ready to be printed) before the training and written as a tutorial;
  • A computer for one or two participants for practical exercises on the wiki and following tutorials and searching for information on

The trainer

Nicolas Nallet, 9 years of experience with MediaWiki. Consultant and expert, has already trained dozens of trainees in the tool.

Information and registration for wiki training or request for quotations for tailor-made wiki training

  • By telephone : +33 (0)1 85 08 91 99 ou +33 (0)6 73 10 97 88 ou +33(0)6 85 06 56 58
  • By email


From 1500 € HT per day excluding professional expenses.

MediaWiki training trainee testimonials

"Very interesting and very complete"

Nicolas pmp project manager

"Very adapted to demand and personalized. Very competent trainer in the field"

Sylvain, works at the pmp

"Enriching training allowing the discovery of a new tool that is both simple and complex"

Jérôme, Front-end/dev back end at Atypic

"Probably one can be too 'beginner' for people with technical background"


" Good discovery, interesting and complete training"

Virginia L.

" Very useful! The tool is complex but overall the training allowed us to evolve on the vision of the integration of the platform within Artelia and its fields of application."

Thomas, Engineer at ARTELIA

" Training to open up the possibilities of using MediaWiki"

" "Very good, it allowed me to have a good vision of all the possible features of the tool"

" Content appropriate to the demand"

Pierre-Georges, Director of the Artelia Hydraulics Laboratory

" "Very good content that allowed us to scan the MediaWiki tool widely"

Florian, IT Manager at ARTELIA

"It was well organized. Trainers who are very knowledgeable about the subjects and very available on various issues"

Pierre, BEA IT Department

" Good skills of the trainer"

Frédéric, investigator at the BEA

" Excellent initiation"

Johan, BEA

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