MediaWiki training course Advanced editing and wiki administration

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Goals of the training[edit]

  • Edit with wikitext on an advanced level and organizing pages
  • Manage files and pictures
  • Manage users and edits
  • How to use templates
  • Discovering new features thanks to MediaWiki extensions

Topics covered by this MediaWiki training course[edit]

Advanced editing[edit]

  • Displaying RSS feeds
    • Limiting the amount of displayed feeds
    • Excluding some feeds with key words
  • Display content from another page by transclusion
  • Display content of a PFD file directly on a page
  • Integrate HTML code snippets securely
  • Use magic words: "behavior switches", variables and "parser's feature"
  • Use the ParserFunctions extension to display content with conditions
  • Structure a page with tabs
  • Structure tabs with a high level of customization

Managing wiki's users[edit]

  • Setting user groups and users list
  • Changing a user's group
  • Groups and default rights
  • Adding a right to a group
  • Blocking a user
  • Rename, delete a user

Managing pages[edit]

  • Rename, redirect a page
  • Export several pages from a wiki and import them on another
  • Edit many text strings on multiple pages with couple of clicks
  • Deleting a page and cancelling its deletion
  • Merge pages together

Prevent, monitor and undo changes[edit]

  • Protect and un-protect a page from editing
  • Monitor and mark contribution as verified
  • Hide a contribution, a username or a summary
  • Be notified of the creation of a page or any changes made on the wiki
  • Set up an Edit validation policy
  • Display only the latest version of a page verified by an administrator

Edit the wiki's interface[edit]

  • The Mediawiki name space
  • Display a message on top of every page of the wiki
  • Edit headers and footers of pages on your wiki
  • Use another skin
  • Offer a mobile format
    • Choose between a mobile version or a responsive one
    • Add navbars, user links and many more...
  • Edit MediaWiki:Common.css to...
    • ... hide specific parts of the wiki
    • ... apply CSS snippets to specific pages or namespaces

Organising wiki content without Semantic MediaWiki[edit]


  • utility and structure
  • Creation and display in another page
  • Creating labelled parameters with default value
  • Displaying a template with numbered and named parameters
  • Cases where a parameter is missing
  • Create an info box type template "like Wikipedia"

Limits of a wiki without Semantic MediaWiki[edit]

  • Using and limits of
    • subpages
    • categories
    • templates
  • Introducing to Semantic MediaWiki features and its related extensions(simplified templates, automated stats creation, dashboards and intuitive search pages

MediaWiki training course Advanced editing and wiki administration

Prerequisites to begin your mediawiki training[edit]

  • Basic knowledge about browsing on the internet
  • Basic knowledge about how to type text and edit the content of a file
  • Basic CSS knowledge
  • Followed the basic mediawiki training

Sign up for a training![edit]

  • Phone : +33 (0)1 85 08 91 99 or +33 (0)6 73 10 97 88 or +33(0)6 85 06 56 58
  • By mail

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Customer testimonials[edit]

Answering to the question "What do you think about the content of our trainings ?"

"Very interesting content, the entirety of the training has been browsed"

Stéphane, IT conceptor CAF Nord

"Very interesting and complete"

Nicolas PMP project manager

"Very adapted and customized to meet our needs. The trainer is very skilled in this field"

Sylvain, works at PMP

"An enriching training letting you discover a simple yet complex new tool"

Jérôme, Front-end/back end at Atypic

"Very good training with exercises to practice and understand every points of view."

Julien, Trainee at SOM Group Ortec

"A complete and interesting training"

Christophe Gontard, manager at SOM.

"Very good presentation of possibilities given by MediaWiki. The additions around available extensions are interesting."

Christophe, consultant at Ortec.

french version of the training course Lire cette page en français : Formation MediaWiki intermédiaire : Administration et édition avancée du wiki