Management and mapping of business processes

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MediaWiki allows to have a graphic view on different links between different pages. When those pages represent steps of a process (or of a procedure) in the form of tasks or closed questions, it is possible to manage and map all the jobs processes in a wiki of an enterprise making the data base more visual. In addition, it is possible to automatically point each step toward the dedicated page permitting to show an operator mode more detailed in one click.

Example of an implementation process of an intern wiki or public where each step is clickable

Example of the setup processes of an intern wiki or public where each step is clickable[edit]

This solution allows you to adjust quickly and always in a collaborative way your processes thanks to several forms and get immediately and automatically the graphic rendering above.

Add new characteristics at the steps of the processes:

  • Directors
  • Resources
  • Actors
  • Clients
  • Suppliers

and make them appear in the final graphic rendering.

Each step of a process is simply modified thanks to the form[edit]